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Alcohol is number one abused drug in the country, Is the warning label  on alcohol clear?

There are an estimated 26.8 million children of alcoholics in the United States.
National Association for Children of Alcoholics, 11426 Rockville Pike, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20852; 301-468-0985

Youth Alcohol National Report-NAS
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Alcohol consumption and Cancer
addiction and women's issues 

Drinking less, or not drinking, is one of the few known ways to lower breast cancer risk.

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Learn more on research related to genetics, UCSF Family Alcoholism and Genetics Project, provides more information and the ability to support research in this area.

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Louisiana Family Legal Actions

1st Class Action Big Alcohol and Youth Marketing

2nd Class Action Filed Against Big Alcohol-Info

Legal Action against The Alcohol Industry

As of February 2005, we are aware of 5 Class Action Law Suits in the U.S. filed by parents against the Big Alcohol Companies.

The Casey Goodwin Family in California- 2005 Update on The Goodwin Case

4 Additional Suits filed by the Mr. David Bois's Lawfirm.

Big Alcohol being sued, 2nd Class Action Lawsuit filed against Big Alcohol.......
Next we hope to see those most impacted take action- those prone to alcohol related illness, are clearly most vulnerable. 
All kids but most tragically children prone to addiction, and problems with alcohol, are being pursued, their revenues are a valuable asset to the industry seeking "lifetime" customers.  It is quite upsetting to many of us to realize your child is the "golden egg" for this industry. 
Underage and Problem drinkers best customers..
Economic Report-Problem Drinkers, Underage consumption---Good customers for the Alcohol Industry! )

One key component we know to crucial to growth of alcohol revenues is "Brand Recognition"  we have noted this practice directed at our children for sometime now, and 2 class action law suits have been filed.  One In Washington D.C., the first.  The Second in California.  Both of these are focused on the harms to youth from Alcohol marketing. This seems logical considering the amount of money spent marketing by Big Alcohol Companies in the U.S. Eventually this industry won't be permitted to seek our children, and their "lifetime revenues".  The blatant attempts to capture young vulnerable consumers is clear in the way these products are advertised.
Alcohol is a drug, and an illegal drug for those under 21 to purchase and consume. 

The most insulting act, is the claim that this industry can regulate itself in marketing to youth.  Why?  What would motivate this company to stop it's predatory practices?  A for profit company seeks just that, profits.  Clearly any cost to litigate or ward off actions to stop these practices, must cost less, than their marketing yields in revenues and profits.

 If that were not the case, their blatant practices would cease.  Instead, they are expanding their advertising in the recent purchase of air time with Viacom for television spots on the deregulated cable network.  Millions of dollars are spent each year seeking the business of  our children. 

There is great business in profiting off a child prone to genetic patterns of high consumption.  We know that the Alcohol Industry has targeted youth and problem drinkers, their revenues show that in this report Economic Report-Problem Drinkers, Underageconsumption---Good customers for the Alcohol Industry It makes good business sense, especially considering the research published by the American Medical Association shows brain development continues until the age of 20.  If alcohol consumption is put off to age 21, the risk of developing dependence to alcohol decreases.  If your business depends on "consumption"  your profits are not going to increase, but decrease unless you can reach these kids with a bottle of booze before they turn 21.  For that matter the sooner they reach our kids the more likely they will reap maximum lifetime revenues off their drinking.  Those who have alcohol problems, don't have any real way to know that, with the false and misleading promotion of drinking responsibly, that means little to problem drinkers who get intensive marketing hyping the social and personal rewards of consuming their alcohol products, never disclosing the direct link to alcoholism or other addictions.

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